This amazing A-frame tiny house is for rent in Cazadero, California through Airbnb and it’s like something out of a storybook

Mythical A-Frame Tiny House Awaits For You In The California Woods

This cozy A-frame cabin in the Redwoods is a tiny house is for rent in Cazadero, California through Airbnb. It’s like something out of a storybook! It sleeps two people and rents for $150 a night with $50 going towards charity so you can sleep in this unbelievably cozy home and feel good about helping those in need! Surrounded by redwoods, this is the perfect place for a romantic getaway or a retreat from the world.

Cedar shingles covered the house. It has a large deck where you can sit and enjoy the majestic forest and fresh air.

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What’s In It For You?

Inside, the house feels much larger than it really is thanks to the extra-tall ceiling. White is the color paint of the walls. Some of the wood kept natural to add warmth.

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There are bookcases and storage placed under the staircase. Rugs are lined for absolutely cozy seating.

A record player is next to the bookcase just waiting for you to pick up a vinyl record. Definitely, a great way to spend hours listening to some tunes. You can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace while reading a book.

We love how the wall of windows lets natural light flood in!

The kitchen is the back of the house and it has everything needed to make a meal including full-size appliances and a large countertop.

The butcherblock countertops echo the warmth of the reclaimed wood ceiling and provide tons of room to prep your meals. Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite meals while having a vacation.

There is a spacious bathroom is in between the bookshelf and the couch.

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Inside you have a large shower stall and a huge vanity area and full-sized toilet.

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The sink area has plenty of room to get ready at and a large mirror to see what you’re doing. Surprisingly, it has a huge bathroom that you could really enjoy.

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Its loft has a room for a cozy bed and is on the top of the stairs.

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There’s also space for a music corner where you can serenade your sweetheart.

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We could definitely get some relaxing done at this cozy tiny house!


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If you’re interested in renting the “Cozy A-Frame Cabin in the Redwoods”, check it out on Airbnb.


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