Jacob Witzling's off-grid cabin looks straight out of a fairy tale

Jacob Witzling’s Off-Grid Cabins Are Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

Jacob Witzling is a 2nd-grade teacher but is also a very talented cabin builder. This hand-built Washington cabin is a livable sculpture made of moss and salvaged materials and looks straight out of a fairy tale.

In fact, Jacob gets his inspiration from cabins of the past, from the world of fantasy both in movies and books and in that childlike part of his imagination. As a child, he was often found poring over the pages of his dad´s favorite book, Handmade Houses: A Guide to the Woodbutcher’s Art. The uniqueness and zero restriction of the handmade homes are what inspires him to create these livable sculptures from sustainable and local materials.

Cabin 1

Built with 100-percent salvaged materials, this cabin even features nails and screws gathered from job sites, garbage piles, and a local reuse store.

Cabin 2

Built with wood salvaged from a dilapidated warehouse, this cabin has a 200-square-foot cruciform base and a 90-square-foot loft. 

Cabin 3

This cabin has a 135-square-foot octagonal base and an octagonal pyramid roof. It was built with plenty of help from Witzling’s lifelong friend Wesley Daughenbaugh.

Cabin 4

“The roof design was an eccentric experiment that would later become the inspiration for the roof of the truck cabin. This cabin was made with help from my brother Ethan Hamby,” says Witzling.

Cabin 5

This is built on a 200-square-foot base with 25-square-foot alcoves on each side. this cabin was built with help from Witzling’s brother Ethan Hamby and his childhood friend Scott Pearson.

Cabin 6 – The Truck Cabin

Built on a 1979 Ford F-250 with help from Witzling’s partner Sara Underwood, this cabin has a 40-square-foot base, and a 20-square-foot loft. 


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