Breathtaking Off-Grid Cabin With 11 Acres Near The Adirondack Park

Just on the edge of the Adirondack Park, you will find this rustic off-grid cabin that is ideal for anyone who wants to truly get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Sitting on 11 acres with large storage shed on the property, this home has everything you want for a beautiful cabin oasis to disconnect from civilization for a short time away or a permanent residence.

This cabin features high loft ceilings with a beautiful blonde wood ceiling that you are sure to fall in love with as soon as you walk in the door. Large windows bring in natural light to the home, but the generator allows for power to use for fans, lights, and everyday needs.

While this home is off-grid, there are options to install both electric and plumbing in the home if you should choose those comforts. The setting, however, truly takes you back to a simpler time in life.

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The large living area has a small but functional floating table just under the television.  No need to worry about missing out on streaming your favorite shows! Just because it is off-grid doesn’t mean you have to be completely disconnected from the outside world.

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That table is made for dinnertime and simple meals, but it’s just as amazing for everyday tasks like writing a letter. Alternately, this could be the home and escape you need to sit down and finally write that memoir or next great American novel.

That Huge Loft Space Is A Real Show-Stopper In This Cabin

The real show-stopper inside this cabin is the huge loft space that easily sleeps 2 or 3 people. With a window above the bed, the views both outside the cabin as well as inside are both stunning.

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All of the little features of comfort but still rustic style, make this an ideal destination home to get away and refocus your life. This home will feel like you have moved to that little cabin in the woods you’ve always dreamed of spending your retirement years enjoying!

While this kitchen isn’t traditional, it is fully functional for your basic needs. No, there isn’t currently running water, but there is space to add that should you want that little additional comfort in your cabin.

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The gas stove and small refrigerator make cooking meals easy, whether you are living off the land, or bringing in groceries from the local market, you can easily make a gourmet meal.

Bonus:  Hidden behind the wall off the kitchen is a wonderful deep closet to use for your clothing, extra linens, or even extra food storage. So much space to make sure your life in this cabin is as comfortable as possible while not being tied down to all of the common modern trappings.

Stunning Lush Green Forest Surrounding This Off-Grid Cabin

While the inside of the home is stunning as it is, just a quick look out that window shows you the setting is the real star of the show. The lush green forest land of this property backs up against the Adirondack Park. This view is just one of many gorgeous settings on the property that you can enjoy every day.

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Some of my favorite bonuses to this property include thriving blueberry and strawberry bushes. However, I absolutely love that there are two producing apple trees! Not only can you enjoy the off-grid lifestyle, you already have a great start toward living off the land if that is a goal for your tiny home life.

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Yes, you are seeing that correctly!  While there is the ability to add plumbing to the home if you wish, there is not currently a functioning bathroom.  Instead, there is an outhouse just 50 feet from the home.

This outhouse is functional but has tons of character.  Not only did the owners tile the floor, there a few additional accents to the building to make it feel a bit more comfortable for those trips to the “necessity”.

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This off-grid cabin has many of the comforts you would find in a traditional home but it also has the perfect location to live an off-grid lifestyle.  Whether you want to start your own homestead with a garden and a few chickens, or add a few modern conveniences but live out of the city, this is a perfect home for you.


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