The Bermuda is the ideal paradise minutes from Orlando for any weekend getaway.

The Bermuda Is A Florida Boho Tiny House Paradise

The Bermuda is the ideal paradise minutes from Orlando for any weekend getaway. Boho is a style that appeals to everyone who loves eclectic, colorful, and comfortable. While it sleeps 3 easily, it’s a perfect romantic cottage for honeymoons or anniversary getaways.

Step into this one bedroom and one bathroom tiny house and you have entered a perfectly functional small home ideal for weekends away from home.

The bunk style bed allows for 3 to sleep comfortably with plenty of room to stretch out and relax.  The bonus loft space is ideal for kids and can readily be used for another person if desired.  You’ll love how the simple ladder connects you to both the top bunk and the loft area.

This space can also double as storage for luggage, supplies, or extra bedding.

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A close look at this end of the tiny home finds a beautiful painted and lattice covered barn door opening to the bathroom and closet space.

Next to the door, you see the ladder with nice wide steps making it easier and safer for kids to go up and down to their loft beds.

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The closet space includes extra bedding, pillows, towels, and even a few games.  This makes it easy for you to stay entertained and comfortable during those typical Florida afternoon rain showers.

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The bathroom is small and simple but has everything you need including a shower, toilet, and high-quality fixtures.  I love the beautifully tiled backsplash!

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I just adore the beautiful flamingo pattern on the doors and colorful windows.  These little extra touches make this feel so much more like home.

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The kitchen comes fully stocked with full sets of dinnerware on a small dining table.  The little added designs on the table are a fun addition that really fit with the colorful boho theme.

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Of course, I love the addition of coffee cups for a nice “cup of Joe” in the mornings before heading out to tackle the area attractions. Trust me, having coffee is a must no matter where you stay, and this home ensures you have that covered.

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While you may not be baking during your time in this tiny home, you have a cookie jar for storing your favorite snacks! It’s these little touches that really make a vacation tiny home a perfect choice.  Why stay in a stuffy hotel when you can have all of the comforts of home in such luxury?

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The large functional kitchen comes equipped with everything you could need during your stay.  A full stove (with oven should you want those home-baked cookies) makes preparing meals easy.

The full-sized refrigerator is perfect for storing supplies or just that bottle of wine and case of beer to relax after being out in the sun all day.

A small table is perfect for 2-3 to sit comfortably.  I love that it keeps a semblance of routine in place if traveling with children.

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The Bermuda is located near other tiny homes a short distance from Orlando.  This home is right on the banks of a lake, so there is plenty to do even without going far from “home”.  Whether you are whipping up a meal for your family and picnicking at the lake by the tiny home, or heading to Orlando for an adventure at a local park, this is the ideal retreat.

You can learn more about The Bermuda and rent it for future vacations in the Orlando area by checking out the listing on Orlando Lake Front.  Make sure to let them know


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