A charming turnkey houseboat currently docked off Westlake Avenue near Downtown Seattle.

An Adorable Houseboat Named “Turnip” Sets Sail in Seattle

Meet Turnip, a charming turnkey houseboat currently docked off Westlake Avenue near Downtown Seattle. For those scanning the dock, a red underbelly allows this small yet mighty one-bedroom to stand out from its nearby floating friends.

Image Credits & Details Credits: Dwell.com

Turnip is a 354-square-foot houseboat docked off Lake Union. Conveniently located just minutes from Downtown Seattle, it offers residents and guests a tranquil city escape.  

Yet, its uniqueness goes well beyond its bright bottom and alluring shingled top cut.

All it takes is one peek inside to see why Turnip is the only houseboat of its kind in Seattle.

The interior design of the 1987 boat is anchored by two bright blue circular portals, which connect the home’s bedroom and bath to the living area. On the main level, light bamboo flooring complements the warmer wooden paneling and beamed ceiling.

The interior is lined with richly textured wood paneling. This 354-square-foot abode also boasts an open-concept layout. Its sleeping area separated by a bright blue, circular cut-out built into the hull. 

Located near the boat’s entrance is a small window seat, which can also serve double-duty as a guest bed, providing an idyllic nook to rest or relax.

The captain’s bedroom is located at the rear of the boat. It offers built-in shelving and is nicely lit by three windows. One of which features a groovy pane design.

Unlike many other houseboats, the bathroom comes with a deep soaking tub. The storage under the wooden floors helps keep the interiors clutter-free. On the other hand, the horizontal windows and skylights invite plenty of natural light throughout.

The galley kitchen is well equipped with new stainless steel appliances. For instance, it has a full-size refrigerator—as well as resourceful cabinetry, shelving, and storage. There are also additional drawers for storing items under the window seat.

An opposite view of the space showing the kitchen down below, as well as additional clerestory windows in the bathroom.

In addition to outdoor space near the entrance, there is also a rooftop deck. It takes in views of the harbor and Seattle’s world-famous Space Needle.

This tiny vessel named after a root vegetable amplifies nautical living with colorful, quirky quarters.


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