A 400 square feet park model home in Bellingham, Washington. Shared by Laura Faber. Built by West Coast Homes.

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  1. I’ve been living with my sister 12 years now ,she has a back yard that I could place one of these on .Makes me sad to think about how I could live in any of these gorgeous small homes ,but I do not have any income and have to live day by day being my sisters personal maid .I pray one day soon to live on my own ,but it would take a miracle. To those who can afford these and more ,thank God for your blessings ,I am a prisoner in my sisters home because I have a fear of driving so I can’t even get a job ,she wants to keep me here with her ,and she says she can’t take me to work and back ,because her fybromyalga flair up and she has good days and bad .Any Christians out there pray for us ,God bless you ,I’m a Christian believing for a miracle :).

    • I read what you said about living with your sister and can’t get a job because of your fear of driving well God has answered your pray with his own word “God says he helps thoses that help themself” you mean no buses at all near you or any way to ride a bike or ask a church member to help you to get to work or get mental health to get over your fear. Where there is a will there is always a way remember that and find that way let it consume your day,till you find the way to concore where you are at in life 12 yrs is too long to have fear rule your life. FIGHT BACK and only good things will come your way. God bless you

  2. hi! my name is Ami Dismukes , I live in mobile al and I’ve been watching all the tiny house shows for over a year , I was taken off work due to a serious health condition- I have 4 kids 22,20,16,14 – the 22 dosent live at home , the 20 is come and go – so mainly 2 boys – I’ve been married 24 years and we came from Married for life – and men pay all bills don’t ask – so I’ve never had anything in my name – no cars – no checking Accts – so I’m thinking this may be a better option for me and boys , of course I still have to heal about 8-12 weeks then I have to get another job ( I was at my last one almost 20 years but I never saw it , direct deposit ! now I feel helpless no money he gives me 100 week 🙁 anyway I need a new start and I need to know what I’m looking at price wise – I was glancing at this site tonight (insomnia ! ) I look forward to hearing from you ! blessings !

  3. These tiny homes are beautiful but you can get one that is more simple and affordable, the problem for most is where to park them. If you have someone with and that will let you park on it, that is a solution, but most parks are 3-400 a month plus utilities. Without money it is imperative you be extremely frugal. Life itself does not require much to be happy and alive, it is all the extra’s that advertisements make us think we need. I know because I have been homeless. I lived in a tiny room in a garage, 7×14 with a porta-potty that I had to dump at a RV park, I would go and shower at a friends once a week, I had a sink with a pail that had to be emptied on my little garden area. I was clean, healthy, warm, and happy. I have moved from that little room and yet I look bad and think how happy living simply really was.

  4. I really ike this model. Where s the washer dryer area and stairs to loft? Where can i see loor plan width nd length?

  5. I would like to see this home and also the park it is in. Please send contact information.

    Thank you,

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